our vision

The key to the be well. teach well. vision is our focus on school and classroom leaders as individuals with highly personalized self-care needs. The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for students have been seen in school districts across the country, but we understand that focusing solely on students does not get to the root of the challenges we are facing in education today—we need to create these benefits to support the adult leaders in schools as well.

Many of our hardest-working, most dedicated teachers and school leaders end up draining their own energy and effectiveness through the sacrifices they make for their students. We believe that in order to keep our best leaders in our classrooms and schools, we need to support them in caring for themselves with the same intensity that they care for their students. The tools provided through be well. teach well. workshops and classes can be used in and out of the classroom to help these leaders cultivate their own mindfulness, stress-reduction and health to help them avoid burn-out and create sustainably effective and joyful classrooms.

self-care, yoga, and mindfulness for teachers, education leaders, and students